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  • Fast international delivery

    We offer an international fast delivery service, secure and efficient delivery directly to factories and warehouses.

  • End-to-end solution available

    Transjanardo will start to offer refrigerated temperature controlled service. We now have end-to-end solutions covering the entire supply chain from source to destination.

  • Safety and Complience

    The safety of your cargo is one of the our top priorities. Each package is handled with care by skilled and highly skilled personnel. We guarantee all safety during the journey from the cargo to the destination.

Logistics process

We are a logistically organized company, aiming daily for the optimization of routes, in order to guarantee a faster and safer service.


Customer satisfaction is the biggest premise on which this company is based, so we aim to expand the available routes.


Transjanardo offers a smart warehouse solution. Enjoy the option of storage available.

The promise of the company

We guarantee the transport of goods quickly and safely.